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Products and Services - Phil Mandelkorn FinancialPhil Mandelkorn Financial specializes in offering Fixed Indexed Annuities (FIAs) and Long-term Care insurance plans to families and individuals wanting to assure themselves of a good income stream during their retirement, and enabling them to purchase good long-term care should the need arise.

You should consider a Fixed Indexed Annuity if the following benefits are important to you:

1. Tax deferral on current income to help you save for retirement.
2. Indexed interest potential to help you save for retirement.
3. Protection against negative financial markets.

Fixed-Income Annuities (FIAs)

Phil Mandelkorn Financial offers FIAs that can include Long-term Care insurance for policyholders to help protect their savings if they need care inside or outside the home.

Individuals can deposit or transfer existing savings into FIAs offered by Phil Mandelkorn Financial. The FIAs provide a 10% increase to the principle on opening the account. (For example: a $100,000 investment in an FIA becomes $110,000). There are a variety of ways to position the funds for on-going growth. And, the income from the FIA cannot be outlived, even if one exhausts the balance in one’s account.

The longer the policyholder (known as the annuitant) waits to activate their payments, the higher the monthly or annual payments will be, similar to Social Security income.

In summary the benefits of FIAs are: Some Fixed Indexed Annuities provide large up-front bonuses; tax deferral on current income to help save for retirement; safe growth of invested funds; protection against negative financial markets; Lifetime Income and Long Term Care coverage.

Contact Phil Mandelkorn or his staff at 434-984-0011 for more information. Phil looks forward to meeting you and learning about your investment and retirement goals.